As a professional service, The Ousset Agency helps businesses reach their sales and market share objectives by developing and implementing marketing communications strategies that are unique to their company. The mixture of unbiased solutions we recommend are unique to your needs. Some companies might benefit from just a website and search engine optimization program, while another company needs corporate identity branding and a content marketing campaign. It could be a combination of many other tools of communication to reach the objective.

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The bottom line is that we create a strategy to achieve your goals.


Our professional and experienced team of market analysts have tools and strategies to find out the best and most profitable directions for you to take in marketing your products and solutions. We use a variety of available and proven methods to identify the needs and wants of your potential and existing customers in order to develop the most efficient and cost-effective ways to reach them and retain them.


At The Ousset Agency, we identify and provide solutions to answer your customers’ questions and concerns. Your customers want to know how your product or solution is going to help them and where and when the product or solution can be found. Most importantly, your customers, existing and potential, want meaningful two-way communication with your company. We help you learn and implement the best and most effective ways to, not only answer, but impress your customers with your ability to have these things in place before they even ask.


You want loyal customers who come back to you again and again and you want leads to new customers you can bring into the fold. Everybody else wants that as well. When everybody in the room is raising their hand shouting “Pick Me!”, how can your company stand out from the crowd? At The Ousset Agency, we’ve mastered the world of creative marketing: where research and strategy are combined in a powerful combination with branding and messaging to provide your audience with the information they need delivered in a way they are ready to receive.

Media Buying

Whatever your business does or provides, you most likely will have some sort of budget for paid advertising. You may already know that there are certain places, such as trade publications, where your paid advertising is directed at your target audience to produce new leads. At The Ousset Agency, we can help by designing eye-catching advertising that hits its mark, making sure that your advertising materials are submitted by the media outlet’s deadline and by identifying and earmarking new places and opportunities where your precious media advertising budget is going to go the furthest and have the best return.


The Ousset Agency has professional photographers and videographers on staff who can turn the photos and movies on your digital and other marketing materials into one-of-a-kind, impactful illustrations that can speak louder than words. We can help you make professional and helpful webinars, YouTube videos and website based videos to inform your customers on issues that interest them.

Account Management

With The Ousset Agency’s personal account management, you no longer need to worry about keeping your marketing deadlines, placements, blog subjects, email blasts and all the other components of your marketing strategy straight. We do that for you. We strategize with you for your marketing needs for a 12-month period (or any set period you choose), discuss subjects and deadlines and we take it from there. Your company’s approved messaging in whatever form it takes (blogs, emails, social media posts, postcards, etc) will automatically be posted and done by us. Of course, we all know what happens to the best laid plans, so if you have a change to your schedule or you need something done immediately, we’ll jump right on it. Additionally, with our account management services, you get personalized and detailed analytics every month on how your marketing is working.