Tactile Marketing

Tactile Marketing is a term we have coined for traditional eyes-on hands-on, touchy-feely marketing. You know, old school. Logo designs, corporate branding, literature, company brochures, presentation folders, sales literature and direct mail postcards, mailers and newsletters. Even well branded tradeshow displays and environmental graphics. 

Talk about engagement when a customer touches and interacts with real paper and ink. Especially in this digital age, there is an affinity for the tactile experience.

In today’s technology driven world the visual presentation of a business has become more relevant than ever. Graphic design is a significant tool in creating the “face” and design that represents your business. The Ousset Agency provides professional and creative designs that identify our client’s specific brands and are appropriate, as well as exciting, to your field of business.

Branding is a fundamental, basic and essential component to a company’s image, more so today than ever before. A company’s brand gives it the uniform quality and credibility that customers rely on and value. Your brand needs to be recognizable and speak to your company’s mission and goals. We can help you design and develop your branding for the highest and most effective impression across your targeted market.

Brochures have the capacity to show more about your business in total, rather than specific pieces offered with other marketing platforms. They can be one of the most versatile tools a company uses to get information to its customers, offering space for more extensive information than other print items. Even in today’s digital world, a professionally created brochure and accompanying literature is important as it gives your target audience something attractive and vibrant to touch and hold on to for future reference.

Direct mail puts your marketing message directly into your target customer’s hands, where they can touch it and feel it. Postcard marketing makes your customers feel appreciated and creates a more trustworthy relationship. Even in today’s digital world, people still like to receive personal mail. The Ousset Agency will create meaningful, eye-catching direct mail products to showcase your products and services.

Putting together the proper marketing materials for your company’s presence at a trade show is a specialty at The Ousset Agency. Trade shows are an excellent opportunity to put your products and solutions in front of an extremely targeted audience. Meeting key people, shaking hands and having short conversations, while handing out your coordinated and memorable company materials is an excellent marketing strategy.

Industrial products are bought not sold. When a B2B customer has a need they will research and seek out potential vendors. We create and distribute important, topical and relevant content about your company, equipment brands, products and industry so when potential customers decide to look for information to make a buying decision; your company is a highly visible and credible choice. 

The Ousset Agency has been at the forefront of video development since television production and company video presentations morphed into video content marketing. Video development has changed through the years and now than ever due to social media photographic images and video development are at the top of the content marketing to do list. Whether it be for SEO organic rankings or better customer engagement, video is a critical part of your marketing plan. From concept through editing and post production, The Ousset Agency’s creativity gets results!


Our all-in-one marketing automation service allows you combine data from email, ads, forms, website, sales engagement and more. This allows you to better engage with leads, identify marketing trends and manage your sales cycle more efficiently.

Our marketing automation software includes a CRM or we can integrate your current CRM.

We take traditional advertising, marketing and public relations principles and apply them to advanced digital technologies. Our mission is to help businesses achieve their marketing goals and improve their sales by providing counsel and expertise in the ever-changing technology landscape of today’s marketing world.

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