Effective Advertising Through Strategic Planning

Tactile Marketing is a term we have coined for traditional eyes-on hands-on, touchy-feely marketing. You know, old school. Logo designs, corporate branding, literature, company brochures, presentation folders, sales literature and direct mail postcards, mailers and newsletters. Even well branded tradeshow displays and environmental graphics. 

Industrial products are bought not sold. When a B2B customer has a need they will research and seek out potential vendors. We create and distribute important, topical and relevant content about your company, equipment brands, products and industry so when potential customers decide to look for information to make a buying decision; your company is a highly visible and credible choice. 

The Ousset Agency has been at the forefront of video development since television production and company video presentations morphed into video content marketing. Video development has changed through the years and now than ever due to social media photographic images and video development are at the top of the content marketing to do list. Whether it be for SEO organic rankings or better customer engagement, video is a critical part of your marketing plan. From concept through editing and post production, The Ousset Agency’s creativity gets results!


We take traditional advertising, marketing and public relations principles and apply them to advanced digital technologies. Our mission is to help businesses achieve their marketing goals and improve their sales by providing counsel and expertise in the ever-changing technology landscape of today’s marketing world.

The Ousset Agency helps businesses reach their sales and marketshare objectives by developing and implementing a marketing communications strategy that is unique to their company. The combination of digital marketing, content marketing or tactile marketing tools depends on each client’s specific objective or marketing challenge.

At The Ousset Agency, we believe that listening is critical to accomplishing the best and highest results for your company. That’s why we meet with you and listen to your hopes and ideas to understand exactly what your vision is for you and your company. Together, our team of creative, skilled and professional marketing specialists work hand-in-hand with you to achieve those goals, as well as providing you with the benefit of our experience and up-to-date strategies in what can sometimes be a confusing and ever-changing landscape of marketing options.

You know your business. We know how to market your business by helping you create attention-grabbing materials and strategies to find your customers and retain them.

Ready to reach your next objective? Get Ousset to create a strategy to meet your company's goals.